16 photocopies, 3 x 4 m

Cup on the Wall / Empty Wall, published in Neveroddoreven
Editors: Nienke Terpsma and Jack Henrie Fisher

About this work:

This publication is addressed as an independent counterpart to the exhibition of the same name, rather than as a conventional catalogue. It consists of photographed objects and artworks that the artists pointed out as being important for their practice. This deictic premise was the subsequent starting point for a conversation between the editors and the artists.
           I chose the oversized image of a cup as a counterstatement to the film, The Cup, in which "the cup" never appears as an image, but is communicated through a conversation. In this case, the image triggered the conversation, though only after an iconoclastic action, after dismantling the image we arrived at the very core of my research.

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Image: Cup on the Wall 1


(…) I want an image of how they imagine that
        they inhabit the body. I want them to tell
        me how they think, if they do inhabit the
        body. Am I like a soul inhabiting the body?
        If you close your eyes, in what part of your
        body is your consciousness?

(…) I was afraid I would lose these critical forms.
        I don’t know how much it will appear when
        they speak with eacht other.

(…) What are the conditions in which you can
        legitimately not say something? I think my
        starting point is always this physical
        condition we're in.
        How to communicate that maybe?



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