HD projection with audio (headsets)
English spoken, 10’ 20’’, Loop

This work is projected on the floor.


Shailoh Phillips, Jan Hondebrink

About the work:

The projection shows small geometrical figures, made out of grey paper, against a grey background. They keep being shifted by two pairs of hands, thus constantly forming new assemblies, constellations, compositions.
           Whether the spoken words are to be linked to the projected image is an open question.
           The work seeks statements that can be done on many occasions; statements that in fact would promise an answer to a question, but that never provide such an answer.

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X     Is that you?

X     Hm.

X     It doesn’t touch me.

X     I am a tip, a very short tip.
        I thought I would like to change around
        but right now I don’t really know where
        else to got so I just stay there at the tip.

X     I stay in the shadows, the light is
        to bright for me.

X     Hm, be there a way in the light.

X     It’s better.

X     What do you mean? Where are you?

X     I am here, but I don’t really stay anywhere.

X     Yeah, I am stuck right over there. There!

X     Hm. Posing around, bouncing, bouncing. 
        I don’t really find a landing place.

X     I am right here.

X     Where?

X     In between.

X     It’s ok, it’s a little dark here.

X     Would be comforting if they would
        all fit together, but they don’t.



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