5 photographs (Emmanuelle, Julia, Julie, Katy, Yngve)
75 x 50 cm each

About this work:

The individuals portrayed are in a state of suspense. From surrender and acceptance to irritation and passive aggression, their expressions reveal tension as well as relaxation, in equal measures.

Working method:

With this project, I was able, for the first time, to integrate other people into my work without having them 'work' for me. Rather, they allowed me to let something happen to them. It was at that point that I began creating conditions, a practice that I continued and broadened until it became what I now call "passive direction".


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Image: Emmanuelle



My gaze in my inner and outer body in the meteorology of the space

In Snow


To Speak From a Place

The Cup

Request for Suspense


Cup on the Wall

White View

Nature Lyric Video Improvisations