12 performances (in the Former Photo Museum, Rotterdam),
10 - 30 minutes each, for 1 - 15 spectators

Concept & performance: Aline Keller
Dramaturgical assistance: Julia Stüssi

These performances ran over 4 days at fixed times.
Before the start of the performance, the spectators entered the room where the performer would already be standing. The door would then be closed and remain closed for the duration of the performance.

About this performance:

At the very end of a corridor, a room appeared to be detached from the rest of the building. Within this room there was a feeling of being suspended, of being elsewhere.Through large windows on either side of the space, one was able to witness the ongoing play of city life under the skies.
            Within the framework of this perpetual play, under these 'meteorological' conditions, I observed my attention in relation to my body and, within time, I became far more focused, allowing my concentration to sink into different elements, for example: the coloured shadows on the walls, the trees behind the windows, or the spectators’ silhouettes.
            At the core of this investigation were questions, such as: Why do I stay within a certain level of concentration? Why do I lose this concentration? How do I shift my attention in a constantly changing environment? It wasn't my intention to answer these questions, but rather to create a set of conditions in which these questions arise.

Viewer’s comments on the performance:

"Sometimes it seemed as if there was an inner dialogue or aggression towards something – as if she was at a limit or before an abyss, and this was also reflected in her body. There was a constant testing of this limit (...) a constant maximum tension. I don’t know where these limits really are, but I felt that there was a certain border, which she wouldn't cross. But she did uphold a constant tension while not crossing it. All the time, the atmosphere was such, that something seemed about to happen, but nothing happened."

"I witnessed something that I cannot share and probably it is not meant to be shared at all."

“I kept looking at the floor as well as in the faces of the other onlookers and the performer. A lot was happening in those faces. I felt assured that something was happening elsewhere, and that I experienced the room itself, rather than experience something through it.”

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Image: Spectators waiting in front of the door to the performance space



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