DVD projection with sound
German with English subtitles, 11'
Requires a minimum space of 20 sqm, projection approximately 3 x 4 m


Aline Keller, Kathrin Maria Wolkowicz

About the work:

The audience listens in to an intimate conversation between two women. No images appear, apart from the subtitles that accompany the audio. Their conversation is about a cup. One woman asks the other to sit in the cup and describe how that feels. They then discuss the distance to the cup’s wall and ask themselves: what kind of sound could possibly fill these walls, or for that matter, the space between the woman and the cup’s wall? During the course of the discussion, they deal with questions such as: how to slip into these bodily spaces and the difficulties they would encounter in accomplishing that.
            Through this intimate conversation, the audience enters a surreal world. The composed, concentrated sound of the voices confirms the matter-of-factness of the private language and the seriousness of the undertaking. Seemingly absurd at first, the conversation bewilders listeners, but also invites them to participate and connect to language as a sculptural medium.


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Image: Still from The Cup


VOICE 1   Can you sit again in the cup,
                  you can leave your eyes open,
                  whatever is easier for you.

VOICE 2   Mhm. Mhm.

VOICE 1   Could it be that the cup's wall,
                  that the tone resonates in the cup,
                  I mean in there?

VOICE 2   Yes, it does come back, but
                   it comes back much brighter.

VOICE 1   Can you make that?

VOICE 2   The way it comes back?

VOICE 1   Yes.

VOICE 2   A little bit like,
                  it is coming back like birds.
                  Well it is relatively bright.

VOICE 1   And when you sit inside, in this cup,
                   and then this tone comes back,
                   where does it go in your body?



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